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Tennessee History Book titles

Adobe Acrobat PDF format allows quick search to find any word or phrase. Find forgotten names, locations, ancestors, businesses, battles, natural resources, ... Even if you have accsss to the books the search function will save you hundreds of hours in locating the desired information.

Purchase fully searchable DVD of forty plus out of print Tennessee history books, over 13,000 pages, published from 1823 to 1940. It took several years and $3000 to locate and purchase these rare books.

Haywood's The Natural and Aboriginal History of Tennessee, 1823
Ramsey's Annals of Tennessee - 1853
Goospeed's 83 county set of History of Tennessee - 1886. Books
Notable Men of Tennessee - 1905
Hale's History of Tennessee and Tennesseans - 1913
Tennessee Blue Book 2005 - 2006
Killebrew's Introduction to Resources of Tennessee - 1874
Fullerton's Place Names of Tennessee - 1974
White's Tennessee Its Grownth and Progress - 1939
Tennessee Valley Celebration and Industrial Review - 1940
McGee's Tennessee History Text Book - 1911
Dedication of Chickamauga & Chattanooga National Military Park - 1895
Numerous other specially publications.

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